Some ideas


  1. Bigger or Smaller - Ask the child to Put objects according to their size.
  2. Prepositions - ask the child to place the car next to the bike, the ball on the desk and so on.
  3. Instructions / auditory comprehension - Place a chair, a table and a lamp in the room.
  4. Model- ask the child to copy your own made model
  5. Working in pairs- one child holds a picture of a model, describes to another without showing it, and then checks if it is identical.
  6. Odd one out- make a series of objects when one of them is flipped, and ask the child to find it among them.
  7. Categories- Choose some objects and place them on the screen. Ask the child to point at the non related one.
  8. Absurd - place objects on the background when some of them don't fit it logically. Ask the child to organize it. Car in the beach , etc.
  9. Pairs - relate objects who belong to each other.
  10. Identical objects - let the child find identical objects
  11. Phonological awareness- ask the child to present words starting with "A" or ending with "o" for example.
  12. Hide & Seek- Hide one of the objects behind something , and let the child find it.
  13. Quantities – ask the child to place 4 cars on the road, 2 planes on the sky and a pair of bike on the grass.
  14. One to One—place the children in a row and ask your user to give any of them a Popsicle.
  15. More and less- place 6 trees on one side of the road and 3 on the other, then ask the child where are more trees.
  16. Colors - ask the child to choose only red objects, then blue etc.
  17. Verbs - choose a picture of a painting girl, and another one who brushes her hair- now ask the child what are they doing.
  18. Patterns - make a pattern of trees, and ask the child to complete it by finding the next one.
  19. Memory - place together with the child some objects. Ask him to turn around, then omit one and ask him what is the missing object.
  20. Creativity - let the child build his own picture with any objects he wishes.
  21. Storytelling - ask the child to tell the story of the picture he just created. 
This is just the beginning! We'd love to hear about more ideas, and add the best of them to our website.